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5 Benefits of Installing a Water Softener

Posted on 5 April 2022
5 Benefits of Installing a Water Softener

Living with hard water is a hassle! Not only is hard water hard on your clothes, it also negatively affects your hair and makes it harder for you to clean dishes and fixtures around the house. Softening your water is the only way to get rid of hard water and the headaches that come with it. But, like most plumbing upgrades, it’ll come at a cost.

Wondering whether you should invest in a water softener? Here are just five of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you have soft water in your home—benefits that make it well-worth the investment.

1. No more hard water stains

Hard water stains can build up on plumbing fixtures throughout your home, including showers, sinks and faucets. When you invest in a quality water softener, you not only prevent stains from forming on fixtures around the house, the soft water also can fully penetrate and dissolve soap, making it easier for you to clean. Say goodbye to soap scum, calcification, discoloration and scale buildups!

2. Gentler on plumbing and fixtures

As hard water travels through your plumbing system, minerals will start to stick to the pipes. Over time, these minerals build up and can eventually clog pipes, causing irreversible damage to plumbing systems. Not only is this a huge hassle, it’s also a huge expense. If you have a hard water problem at your property, the best thing you can do is invest in a water softener before minerals have a chance to build up.

3. Saves money on water bills

Water softeners can save you money on gas or electric bills from the moment you install them. They do this by preventing scale buildup and pipe damage, so that you can maintain a moderate water pressure and reduce the amount of water waste generated from daily tasks like washing your hands, dishes, showering and more. Your water will flow smoothly and efficiently to every tap in your home.

4. Gentler on hair, skin and nails

Who doesn’t want softer, healthier hair, skin and nails? Soft water is good for your hair and skin when you bathe or shower. Hard water is full of mineral ions that don’t mix well with soap—when the two blend together, they form a soap scum that’s hard to completely clean off your hair and body. When you bathe with soft water, you’re able to get a deeper lather and preserve the natural oils in your skin and hair, improving both strength and smoothness.

5. Safer for clothing and dishware

Not only does soft water make your clothes brighter, it also makes them cleaner. Hard water can leave deposits on clothes, causing the colors to fade over time. Soft water preserves colors, keeping your favorite clothes looking bright and new for longer.

Soft water is also better on dishes than hard water. If you’ve noticed your glassware and silverware taking on a cloudy appearance, the buildup of minerals from hard water is the source of the problem. Investing in a quality water softener will clear up the problem immediately, instantly removing all traces of cloudiness, improving the appearance of your dishes and making them easier to clean.

Invest in a new water softener

Water softeners are essential for resolving hard water and the many problems that come with it. If you’re sick of the scale buildups and the damage hard water minerals can cause, contact PipeMasters today at info@pipemasters.ca or (289) 404-9063 to learn more about the benefits of a water softener. PipeMasters is part of Oakridge Plumbing Ontario Ltd. and serves the East GTA, Durham Region, North to Lindsay & Peterborough, out to Cobourg and all points in between. All Rights Reserved.

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