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When Is It Time To Replace Your Toilet

Posted on 1 March 2022
When Is It Time To Replace Your Toilet

Toilets don’t make good table talk, even though we have all heard at least one amusing story about them. Ignore your toilet and you could end up spending money on repairs. Or worse ignore the problem and end up with a plumbing disaster. We’ve put together a guide designed to help you know when to replace a toilet, signs it’s time so to speak:

  1. Age. Toilets don’t last forever or the inner workings. While it still may do the job, older toilets do often suffer from inefficiency. Replacement saves money and water.
  2. A Crack in Your Tank. Noticed water puddles near the base of the toilet? It’s possible you have a cracked tank. Tank cracks aren’t always visible, especially if you have a hairline crack. If you can’t find a visible crack, a plumber should come in and do a more thorough inspection.
  3. Leaking Toilet. Toilet leaks may go undetected for several months. Leaks can be sneaky, so how do you know you have one?. If your water bill suddenly increases without any other explanation, check for a leak. Left unchecked it could cause expensive water damage below the bathroom too. Replacement is the most cost-effective decision in this case.
  4. Running On Empty. That constant running toilet. Of course, water flowing for a short time after you flush is completely normal. When water continues running from the tank to the bowl, that’s not a good sign. Most often internal parts replacement and/or adjustment can address this type of issue.
  5. The Fixer Upper. Toilets aren’t overly complicated with a number of internal parts, working in harmony. Tank Lever, Flush Valve, Flush Valve Chain, Float Ball, Float Arm, Overflow Tube, Inlet Valve, Bowl Refill Tube, Filler Tube, Inlet Tube, Tank to Bowl Gasket and Bowl to Floor Seal are most common of these parts. Rebuilding a toilet involves these items and the skill to make sure they’ll work properly together for a long time. If you're spending time on the insides of the porcelain throne, you may want to consider the long-term cost including your time. It may be time for a replacement unit.

So far, we’ve covered the issues of age, cracks, leaks, and frequent repairs. If you have to deal with clogs or the toilet isn’t flushing, then it really is a sign of a toilet that needs replacing. Hopefully, we’ve taken some of the mystery out of the most used fixture in your home. Or at least we’ve helped you know when to replace a toilet.

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