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Top Plumbing Trends 2023

Posted on 7 February 2023
Top Plumbing Trends 2023

The last couple of years presented additional challenges to the Plumbing Industry, COVID, a hot housing market and now a significant shift in interest rates. Challenges remain with labour and materials. Finally, customers are interested in more environmentally friendly options, like water and cost savings.

Smart Technology continues to factor heavily in fixture design as well as installations to be more functional, economical and stylish. The pandemic has accelerated this trend, including touchless fixtures and green plumbing is bringing more efficiency into your choices. Let’s have a look at some of the trends you should be considering before taking on any plumbing work.

  • Touchless fixtures: A touchless fixture means there’s one less surface to worry about when you’re cleaning. Some touchless fixtures are also programmable, meaning they can be programmed to turn off automatically too. Of course, they are convenient when your hands are full or focused on other tasks at hand. Both touchless kitchen & bath fixtures are now available in just about any style or design. 
  • Tankless water heaters: If you have a water heater tank reaching the end of its lifespan, you might consider a tankless model when it comes time to make the replacement. These types of water heaters are capable of producing hot water on demand and are much more efficient than the standard models with large tanks. Costing a bit more initially, you can expect to save 25 percent or more on your water expenses every year, a great green solution.
  • Reduced water consumption: Conservation is green and saves your hard-earned money. This means using low-flow showerheads, water-conserving toilets, certain types of faucets that limit water usage and other such features. 
  • Convenience & luxury: Frameless showers, dual flush toilets, waterfalls or rainshowers, towel heaters, seat warmers, Bluetooth, sound systems & adjustable pressure settings are some of the newest offerings on the market. 
  • Brain pipes: This smart technology is actually hidden inside your home and aren’t just limited to the end-point fixtures like showerheads and faucets. Brain pipes monitor your water pressure, pinpoint the exact location of any leaks or breakages, and shut off the system to virtually prevent leakage and the damages that accompany water leakage.   

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