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Things to Consider Before Starting a Remodel

Posted on 2 November 2020

So, you've decided to finally remodel your kitchen? Update your bathroom? Build out that wet bar in your basement? Whatever home upgrade you've diving into, it's sure to improve your quality of life and add value to your home. But it's also not as straightforward as it might seem. For one thing, there are likely plumbing considerations you need to take before any work can actually begin.

Plumbing is one of the most important things to consider before starting a remodel because it affects your entire home. If you need to add drainage or reroute a water line, it changes how your home's water supply works. If you've ever been in a home that couldn't have two faucets running at once without a problem, it's likely due to lack of foresight before a remodel!

The fact is, plumbing is out of sight and out of mind for most people. It's not until they get into the thick of a DIY remodel or start calling in experts that they realize just how important plumbing considerations are.

Plumbing always plays a role

Plumbing plays a role in any major remodel. In the kitchen or bathroom, it's obvious. You need water lines for faucets, showers and appliances, as well as drains. Without these crucial plumbing installations, your bathroom or kitchen doesn't work!

What most people don't realize is that plumbing is a consideration for remodeling even when there's no plumbing directly involved. For example, you might want to take out a wall to expand a closet but that wall has plumbing behind it that needs rerouting. Or, you might finish your basement, yet need to leave plumbing access points for future service.

One of the best thing you can do at the outset of a remodeling project is to call a plumber and make sure there's a plan to deal with any and all plumbing involved in the scope of your remodel.

Plumbing considerations during the remodel

Any time you're dealing with plumbing during a remodel, there are a few important steps to take. Always follow these simple instructions during DIY remodels or prepare to assist a plumber as they tackle your plumbing needs during renovations:

  • Locate your whole-home water shutoff and close it before working on plumbing.
  • Open up the lowest drain in your home (basement) to drain your pipes.
  • Use at-sink shutoffs to test new fixtures after installing them.
  • Always use the correct fitments and use thread-seal tape to connect joints.
  • Keep copper beading on-hand to perform repairs or joinery for supply pipes.

It's generally best to let a professional plumber handle any direct plumbing work required during your remodel - especially more complex installations or pipe routing.

Give plumbing plenty of forethought

It's easy to overlook plumbing until it becomes the major obstacle in your remodeling project. Don't let a plumbing oversight keep you from transforming your home! Consult with a plumber right at the outset of your remodeling project and reap the benefits of a well-thought-out remodeling plan.

Getting ready for a remodel? We're ready to help you cover the plumbing aspects of it. Contact one of the professionals at PipeMasters today: info@pipemasters.ca or (289) 404-9063 to schedule a consultation on the scope of your remodel work.

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