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Repairs Best Left to Your Plumbing Professional

Posted on 30 June 2020

Many homeowners are reluctant to call professionals out to their property when in need of any kind of repairs, including plumbing. They would rather attempt to make the repair on their own and save money.

While it is true that calling a professional plumber out to your property will just about always cost you money. Fact is there are certain types of jobs you should absolutely not take on unless you are sufficiently trained and experienced in them. While you might be able to learn some simple repairs from watching YouTube videos, more complicated repairs could go majorly wrong if you do not have proper training, and could end up causing significant property damage and much more expensive repairs.

Here are a few examples of some of the repairs you should always leave to a professional plumber.

Water heaters

Any time you're having water heater problems beyond just needing to light up a pilot light, you should leave that up to a professional plumber. Working with water heaters means working with a combination of water, electricity and either gas or oil, meaning mistakes can have major consequences. You're not likely to have all the tools needed to get the job done safely and to detect gas leaks, and your homeowner's insurance policy might not cover damage caused by poorly done DIY work.

Pipe repair or replacement

You can probably tighten a loose joint by yourself, but more complicated work should always be left up to a professional. You need the proper tools and know-how to replace a pipe that will withstand the pressure of the water running through your system. A failure to properly replace a pipe can result in that section of piping being vulnerable to bursting or leaking.

Significant leaks

If you have major leaks in your home (more extensive than simple drips), you should shut off the water to your home and get a professional out immediately. Not only will a professional be able to quickly and reliably repair the leaking section, but they'll also be able to analyze the system and see if there are any underlying problems that resulted in the leak forming in the first place.

Repairs in multi-occupancy buildings

Many cities and municipalities outlaw DIY plumbing repairs in buildings with multiple occupants, because an improper DIY job could impact the plumbing in another unit. Even if you have what you believe to be a simple task in your multi-unit building, you must call in a professional to comply. If you are a renter, your landlord may cover the repairs.

Sewer issues

Sewer repair is both unpleasant and difficult. You're much better off contacting a professional. A blockage or other problem deep within the system will require special tools and cameras to correct, and you are unlikely to be able to accomplish this sort of job yourself.

Interested in learning more about which repairs you should delegate to plumbing professionals rather than taking on yourself? We're here to help, contact us today at: info@pipemasters.ca or (289) 404-9063.

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