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Importance of Backflow Preventers

Posted on 14 November 2023
Importance of Backflow Preventers

Are you connected to a public water supply or have a softener or other water treatment system in your home? You should consider having a backflow preventer installed. A backflow preventer stops contaminated water from flowing back into your home. Let’s look at how a backflow preventer works and the major benefits of installing one.

  • Keeps your drinking water safe by preventing contaminated water from flowing into your home
  • Prevents any backflow into the public water supply
  • Also available for the drain pipes to prevent catastrophic flooding damage from sewage back-ups into your basement or home
  • Can often be retrofitted economically without having to pig up the concrete floor in your home
  • Functions automatically 24/7
  • Reduces risk of pipe damage
  • You may be eligible for an insurance discount which is offered by some insurers for having one in your home

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