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Dishwasher Clogged?

Posted on 27 December 2022
Dishwasher Clogged?

Dishwasher clogged? No longer draining? Is there leftover water at the bottom after a cycle is complete? There can be a number of reasons why a dishwasher won’t drain, let’s look at some quick troubleshooting steps. Ultimately, you may need a plumber or repairman, but check these things first:

1. Check for a blocked/clogged filter

Make sure there’s nothing blocking the sump—located near the rear of the dishwasher—or the bottom part of the tub. If you find more than two to three cups of standing water, use a small container to remove as much of it as you can. You can unclog a dishwasher by checking for food particles, paper, or other debris. Though most dishwashers have built-in grinders to process food particles and paper, debris can still clog the filter. Clear away any debris you find.

2. Check the drain hose

The drain hose is a corrugated structure located right underneath the sink, between the drain pump and drain line. Check for kinks in the drain hose, gently straighten them out. To remove blockages within the drain hose, you may have to remove the hose from its current position. Loosen the clamps that hold the drain hose to the disposal. If there’s blockage, blow through one end of the hose to remove the debris.

3. Check the air gap in the drain

A dishwasher’s air gap lets air into the dishwasher so it can properly drain without creating a vacuum. Located on the top of the sink, it doesn’t allow anything except for air to come through. However, this air gap may become clogged or blocked and can cause drainage problems in your dishwasher. If you notice any buildup in the sink’s air gap, clean it out and make sure it's tightly secured.

4. Check the drain valve

Glass breakage or other debris may have clogged the drain valve or pump. A drain valve opens the solenoid—an electromagnet found in the dishwasher—and allows water to drain during the wash cycle. Not all dishwashers have a drain valve, but if yours does and it seems to be frozen in place, you may need a drain valve replacement. Checking for and removing the debris from the pump may get things draining properly again or a pump many need replacement.

5. Check the door latch

If the door is unlatched, your dishwasher won’t drain completely. Make sure the door latches securely, unlatching during the cycle should get the dishwasher to stop. If you’re having trouble with the door latching a latch replacement may be needed.

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