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Common Plumbing Problems, Part II

Posted on 1 March 2021

This week, part two in our series of the most common plumbing issues you run into as a homeowner:

  • Clogs / partial clogs: Another major source of frustration among homeowners are clogged pipes. Clogged toilets are pretty straightforward. The worst clogs may call for a pipe snake or professional, but otherwise, it's plunge away. Clogged sinks and drains can be a whole different story. When these get really bad, it can be tempting to reach for drain cleaners. Please, avoid pouring these toxic bottles of waste down your drain. Most times, they're no match for things that can clog your drains. Hair, soap, toothpaste, and toilet paper, sure. Toothpaste caps, brush bristles, and toothpicks will just sit there. Your sink should have a drain catch to allow easy access to objects that fall down the sink. If it can't be reached, you should be calling a professional.
  • Worn out hose bibs: Your average hose bibb is not built to last through multiple seasons. This is especially true if you live in a place that experiences frosty winters. The hose bibb will lose its integrity and crack from the change in temps. If this happens, your hose will leak all over the place. A leaky hose bibb can silently waste hundreds of gallons a month. For those who want to avoid having to constantly replace them over the life of your home, purchase a heavy-duty frost-proof brand.
  • Piping / corrosion / rust build ups: Most common with galvanized pipes, which feature zinc coating to help prevent rusting and deterioration. These are common in older houses as they were a popular alternative to lead pipes. While most people know about the dangers associated with lead pipes, they are not as likely to know that galvanized pipes aren't a whole lot better. Many years of exposure to water results in the interior of the pipe starting to corrode, resulting in a potentially unhealthy amount of copper and zinc entering the drinking water.
  • Sump pump problems: Sump pumps tend to fail when there's a lot of heavy rain or snow. They also need regular checks and maintenance to avoid failures. An improperly installed pump will work harder and wind up failing eventually. Power outages can also ruin sump pumps. If you'd like an alternative to using a sump pump, consider re-thinking your overall situation, including realigning gutters to drain away from the foundation, sloping your surrounding foundation to channel water away and re-level any patios, decking, and concrete surfaces to help with drainage.

Don't forget to check out part 1 of this series for more information too. Our licensed professionals can help with any of these or other plumbing issues you have: info@pipemasters.ca or (289) 404-9063.

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