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Avoiding Pressure Loss In Your Shower

Posted on 23 November 2021
Avoiding Pressure Loss In Your Shower

Losing water pressure in your shower can be annoying. Disruptions in the water pressure because of flushed toilets are not as bad as chronic water pressure issues that make it more difficult to rinse off soap and shampoo. Let’s look at a few different ways to fix this issue:

1. Issues with the pressure-balancing valve

Some showers have pressure-balancing valves that use a single handle for controlling the water flow and the temperature. An example of this occurs when flushing toilets causes the water pressure and temperature to drop in your shower. This means that the water can change temperature because the correct amount of cold water is not flowing into the valve.

Using a thermostatic mixing valve can prevent these kinds of water pressure drops. This valve has separate water pressure and temperature controls.

2. Diverter-valve issues

If you have a combination shower and bathtub unit, it likely uses a diverter valve. This is a knob or mixer lever style that diverts water from the faucet of your bathtub to the showerhead. Over time, they can malfunction, resulting in a drop in water pressure from the showerhead.

If you get good water pressure from the faucet of your bathtub but insufficient pressure from your showerhead, your diverter valve is likely the problem.

3. Clogged showerhead

One of the easiest water-pressure problems to fix is a clogged showerhead. To check your shower head, unscrew it from the wall. Soak it in a cleaner and then use an old toothbrush to clear away the debris from the nozzles. If your area has problems with hard water, there might be deposits of minerals in your pipes which can cause a drop in pressure. You can avoid this issue by installing a water softening system. Eventually, you will need to have the pipes replaced or professionally cleaned.

4. Obstructed pipes or leaks

Leaky or obstructed pipes can cause water leaks that can seriously damage your home besides the loss of pressure. If you hear sounds of water running when it is not turned on or notice water stains or drips, call in a professional for emergency service.

5. Issues with pressure reduction valve

If you have low water pressure at many or every faucet in your home, the cause of the problem is near to the water source. Some homes have water pressure reduction valves attached to the main water lines near where they enter the homes. If this valve is not properly adjusted, breaks, or malfunctions, it can cause water pressure problems throughout your home. 

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