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An Overview of the Latest Trends in Plumbing

Posted on 3 August 2020

For the most part, plumbing technology stays relatively consistent over long periods of time. But that doesn't mean there aren't industry trends to be aware of! If you're interested in upgrading any of your home's plumbing fixtures or appliances, you might be surprised at just how many options you have available to you.

Here's a quick overview of some of the latest plumbing trends in which homeowners are taking interest.

Sustainable features

Homeowners over the last decade have been increasingly focused on going green in many areas around the house, including with their plumbing. The idea is that these products will cut down on the environmental impact of the plumbing fixtures without being an inconvenience.

Common examples of sustainable features for plumbing include low-flow showerheads and toilets, sustainable dishwashers, eco-friendly washing machines and green water heaters. All of these features, when used in conjunction, can help you save thousands of gallons of water per year and a significant amount of energy, which drastically reduces your environmental impact as well as the amount of money you can expect to pay on your water and energy bills each month.

Tankless water heaters

Tankless water heaters have existed for a while now, but they're especially in vogue as people look to find more energy efficient solutions to their home plumbing. Tankless water heaters were actually first used in commercial settings before demand increased in the residential market. They are capable of delivering hot water at any time, while taking up significantly less area in your home because of the lack of the large tank. These heaters can also be installed on single appliances, such as sinks or showers.

Touchless fixtures

The popularity of touchless plumbing fixtures has really taken off in residential buildings in recent years. You've probably seen these in public restrooms in commercial buildings - they are sinks and toilets that rely on motion sensor technology to turn on or off. These types of fixtures generally require less maintenance than traditional plumbing fixtures, and there isn't a substantial price difference. As the ongoing concerns associated with the COVID-19 pandemic continue to linger, touchless fixtures are expected to see a big surge in popularity in residential settings.

Self-cleaning features

Do you get sick of having to clean some of the fixtures and appliances in your bathroom? You might consider installing self-cleaning devices. A self-cleaning toilet, for example, uses tablets hooked to the tank or bowl. You install the feature to the refill valve, and you won't have to worry about ever scrubbing out the toilet again. This technology is still in its early phases, so it's likely that it's only going to improve and grow more reliable over the years.

These are just a few examples of some of the current trends that are dominating the plumbing world. For more information about some trendy plumbing features you might consider implementing in your home, contact us at: info@pipemasters.ca or
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